Drain Jetting & Blockage Clearance

Drain Jetting & Blockage Clearance

At Roe Environmental we are one of the leading experts in the Essex area for blockage clearance by way of high pressure water jetting. Utilising pressures of up to 7000 psi and flow rates of up to 120 gallons per minute, we can clear almost any blocked sewer or drain pipe.

Grease / Fat:

Grease and fats can build up a heavy residue in drainage systems, similar to the massive fat bergs that have caused major blockages in the London sewer network, only on a smaller scale in domestic properties. We use high pressure spinning nozzles to cut through these deposits to clean the pipework to enable free flowing sewage again.


When silt and scale builds up in drainage it can cause big problems, as it builds up it can cause the flow rates to be greatly reduced even to the point where the drains become blocked. We have high pressure and high flow rate de-silting nozzles that can quickly and effectively remove silt from your pipework, allowing free flowing drainage.

Tree Roots:

Roots from trees, shrubs and hedges can tap their way into nutrient rich drainage pipes, from which the roots swell and grow and can eventually break through concrete causing blockages and obstructions. Along with our state of the art drainage CCTV units, we can utilise our rotary chain or bladed cutting nozzles that will remove roots from domestic drainage runs, leaving free flowing pipework.

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